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All MinTech's attapulgite and mica products are supplied directly by its joint ventures. MinTech's current joint ventures are as follows:

Anhui Mingmei Minerals Co., Ltd.

Anhui Mingmei Minerals Co., Ltd., a joint venture company between MinTech International, Inc. and Mingguang Attapulgite Clay Material Factory, was formed in 1998. Anhui Mingmei Minerals Co., Ltd. mines and manufactures attapulgite products for both domestic and export markets. The company produces a complete line of attapulgite gel products and other products. The current export markets are in fertilizer binding, ceiling tile, molecular sieves, paints & coatings and in various absorbent applications. Our products are exported to 17 countries world wide. Domestic consumption is mainly in ceiling tile, drilling mud, molecular sieves, animal feed, and fertilizer binding. While Mingmei Minerals Co., Ltd. manages the production facility and domestic sales; MinTech International, Inc. is focused on the process technology, quality control, new product development, and export sales. MinTech is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable people who specialize in attapulgite and related minerals. MinTech guarantees that all products meet world class standards and quality consistency. MinTech has exclusive rights for all export sales of the products (PalyGelŪ and PalySorbŪ) from Anhui Mingmei Minerals Co., Ltd.

Mingguang Oilclear Minerals Co., Ltd.

Mingguang Oilclear Minerals Co., Ltd. is another joint venture company of MinTech in China for specialty attapulgite and attapulgite related products. MinTech has controlling shares of this joint venture. The products are sold and applied mainly in oil purification industry. MinTech initiated this project and developed and designed both lab and whole process jointly with its partner in China.

MT Mica Co., Ltd.

MT Mica Co., Ltd. is a wet process plant fully invested by MinTech. This plant is equipped with standard test equipment and unique process methods. All of our products have same or better quality than any products from USA at same costs.

Lingshou Mica Company

MinTech works closely with the production plant to modernize the facility, improve the process technology, and quality control program. In addition, MinTech has the exclusive right for North American sales. MinTech has its own employees in the quality control lab of the production plant and managing and testing export products for which MinTech has the exclusive rights.